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Our Story

Over 123 years is a long time. But it seems like a short time because we’ve had fun serving our customers’ needs and how to best serve them. Thank you for helping us grow.

It all started with buttoned high tops, the fashion trend when the Newberry-Clay Shoe Company opened its doors in 1900. The wholesale shoe company was located at the corner of second Avenue and Tenth Street, directly across the alley from the entrance to a jobbing house.

Jeff Newberry was the President and George B. Clay was Vice President. Ten years after the company was founded, Newberry retired and the company was renamed the Norvell-Chambers Shoe Company. The factory divorced from the jobbing house and was operated by Mountain State Shoe Company, a subsidiary corporation.

In 1913 Mountain State Shoe Company was taken over by Walter E. Perry of Cincinnati and George W. Norvell, who changed the name to Perry-Norvell Shoe Company. G.R. Kinney Company acquired the stock in this company in 1920 and two years later moved to a modern, fireproof structure at 25th Street and Guyan Avenue. Shoes manufactured buy this company were sold through 330 retail stores of G.R.Kinney Company, of New York City.

In 1928, Norvell-Chambers Shoe Company changed its name to Kipling Shoe Company.

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