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Return Policy

We will not accept returns after shoes have been worn or soiled, other than manufacturer defects. If there is doubt about fit or comfort - take them and wear them on carpet/clean surroundings. All refunds must be accompanied by original sales receipt, original packaging (undamaged), and original tags if it's a clothing item. We will look up a missing receipt for you within a 2 week period from which you purchased it for a $5.00 dollar fee.


Boot Warranty

  • All boots have a 90-day warranty on normal use against any manufacturing flaw(s), defective materials and workmanship.

  • Footwear with waterproof construction are also covered under warranty for 6 months from the original purchase date.

  • This warranty does not cover damage due to holes worn in toes, burn marks, and punctures, cuts/abrasions from outside causes; or misuse and/or abuse by the wearer.

  • This warranty may be void if the user applies any materials not recommended (such as polishes, oils, or other chemicals) that result in damage to the materials of the footwear.

  • All footwear must be returned to the manufacturer for judgment and inspection before either full credit is issued or a replacement of the same or equal value is given.

  • For footwear that has been replaced: the warranty starts from the original purchase date; not the replacement date

  • Damaged footwear will not be replaced more than 2 times, No execptions.

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